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Business Theories & Strategies Applied to the County Council Libraries.

Management Theorist Henri Fayol (2002) describes Strategic Planning as examining the future and deciding what needs to be done by developing a plan of action. Price Waterhouse (2015) have developed a 4-step approach to Strategic Planning as can be seen in Figure 2 Figure 2 In the first...

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Impact of New Technologies

“Whether things will be better if they are different I do not know, but that they will have to be different if they are to become better, that I do know”  (Lichtenberg, 1765, p.208) According to Bitar (2003) innovation is a difficult and elusive process to manage and...

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Edward Snowden, Right or Wrong ?

Edward Snowden, Right or Wrong?   Harding (2014) at the Guardian Newspaper reports that in 2013 Edward Snowden was a contractor working at the National Security Agency (NSA) in the United States of America on behalf of Booz Allen Hamilton consulting firm. Harding reports that on May 30th...

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Cloud9 In the News

We appeared in the Evening Gazette today.   SEE http://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/business/blackpool-it-firm-s-launch-was-out-of-this-world-1-8191978 Our Computer Services include:- Computer Maintenance, Computer Support, Structured Cabling, Server and network installations, Website design and hosting Fault Finding IP telephony Security testing and advice

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Structured Cabling

With an increase in enquiries regarding our Structured Cabling Services we have decided to flaunt our services by adding a Structured Cabling page to our Web Site. Please see Structured Cabling for more details.

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Bringing the Tribbles to Life

Besides setting up the Network infrastructure and Guest Wifi for Star Trek - The Exhibtion, one of our most unusual but fun client projects involved a Raspberry Pi running Debian Linux, Infra Red Sensors to detect heat signatures, Stepper Motors to create animatration movement and the Python Programming Language....

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Cloud9 Boldly Goes !

Our current project is the installation of a network infrastructure incorporating upto 200 guests Wireless Access, Virtual Reality, Secure Virtual Lans (Vlans), CCTV  and Voice over IP for the new Star Trek Exhibition opening soon on the promenade.   We can truly say that Cloud9 is boldly going where...

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Why Use Managed Switches

Managed switches have always been more expensive than unmanaged switches but the benefits of a managed switch in a medium to large business far outweigh the cost. Managed Switches allow the setting up of Virtual Lans (VLANS) which allow the grouping of users PC's by department rather than...

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Developing a Security Strategy

    Contents   Task 1. 4 Introduction. 4 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection. 4 Firewalls. 4 Network Address Translation (NAT). 5 Demilitarized Zones (DMZ). 5 Hardening. 6 Honey Pots. 7 Change Management. 7 Conclusion. 8 Task 2. 9 Introduction. 9 Operating System Updates. 9 NMAP Scan....

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