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How do you know if you are ready to move your IT into the cloud ?

You can tell if you need to look at cloud solutions if you are in any of the following positions.

  • You have a problem that can be solved by a cloud service.
  • You have enough hardware going end of life to make an ongoing operating expense more appealing than a capital expenditure for a replacement
  • You have high internal IT costs that could be replaced with a cloud service.
  • You have strict reliability or uptime requirements

Consider a £10,000 Capex Investment for a new Server.

  • Installation of Servers and Solutions will be a further £2000
  • By replacing your systems you will still need IT Support and this may be a further £500 per month.
  • You will need to put in place Disaster Recovery measures, Tape Backup, Distributed File Systems, Disk to Disk backups or virtual servers.
  • You pay IT Services £500 per month to support your network.
  • You will need to ensure the backup procedures are followed each day.
  • Hardware and Software must be upgraded on average every 3 years.

    cloud solutions

    cloud solutions

Now Consider a £500 per month Opex cloud based solution.

  • Your users connect to a cloud based server, to run SAGE, MS EXCHANGE, OFFICE365 or a Bespoke Line of Business solution.
  • Disaster Recovery is part of the solution and Backups are carried out online.
  • IT Support is part of the solution
  • Backup is automatic each day.
  • Hardware and software upgrades are part of the solution

Leaving you to get on with your business.


By 2016 cloud computing will be the bulk of new IT spend – Gartner

39% of SMB market is not using cloud services – Spiceworks

37% of IT professionals surveyed say that senior management is pushing IT to switch to operating expenses model – CDW