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Mimaki Vinyl printer Setup

I came across an interesting problem recently with a Mimaki Vinyl printer.

The customer had a printing bottleneck because he couldnt attach his Mimaki Vinyl printer to 2 Apple Imacs hence files had to be copied to USB and copied onto the Imac connected to the printer.

The problem was that the printer driver was not a normal printer driver and it doesnt display as a printer in devices and therefore couldnt be shared across a network.

Other companies had tried connecting manual usb switches and various other methods all without success.

I found a device from IOgear http://www.iogear.com/product/GUB211/  which install software onto each mac informing the user by a big green icon which one is currently in control.

Of course this didnt resolve all the problems, cheap USB Cabling had been installed and overlength USB specification cabling had been used causing other sporadic problems.

Once the cabling length was brought within specification, the IOGear switch added and the cheap cables removed the solution worked like a dream.

The customer seems happy http://icloud9.co.uk/testimonial/blackpool-sign-graphics/