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Secure Wireless Lan for Student Accommodation – Fleetwood Nautical College

Fleetwood Student Accommodation has 19 rooms and is located close to Fleetwood town Centre.

Cloud9 were initially approached to investigate the issues with the current Internet Solution which was proving to be intermittent at best and non existent at worst.

A new solution was recommended that would provide students with individual security over the wireless LAN and a quality of service (QOS) ensuring that no one student hogged all of the bandwidth.

The solution was to install Cisco/Linksys LAPn 600 Wireless Access Points and utilsing Power over Ethernet (POE) from a Cisco/Linksys Managed Switch.

Additionally we were tasked with providing a cost effective Search Engine optimised website to ensure students easily find the available accommodation throughout the web.

For further information please see www.fleetwoodstudentaccommodation.co.uk





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