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Windows Deployment Services


Setting up Windows Deployment using WDS, SCCM and MDT. I have a Windows 2008 server set up with the Hyper V role (NO GUI), My Management machine is an Apple Imac dual booting and booted into WIN7. (Imac) I have created a virtual pc on the hyper-v server (virt-pc)¬†which I am attempting to automatically deploy windows 7 too. set to boot from legacy network card. (this provides the PXE environment) I have created a virtual Windows 2008 server(server01) on my hyper V server. I have installed ADDS, DHCP, DNS and WDS onto the windows 2008. Because WDS and DHCP are on same server have ticked both the 60 & 67 protocol boxes. I have copied the windows image and boot image from the windows 7 disk into WDS. Configured WDS PXE response to set all requests to pending, which allows me to approve the PCs. The reference for the pc’s is the GUID which is located in the system bios of each machine

Windows Deployment Server Setup & Configuration

Windows Deployment Server Setup & Configuration


Booting the virtual PC sees the DHCP Server which then passes control to the WDS server. The pc then loads the boot images, select the correct one and the pc then loads the windows images, select the relevant one. (win 7 ultimate) Type in the usual stuff such as language, date and time, pc name, admin login and password, system reboots and windows is installed.  NICE. Next is utilising an unattend file to do the last bit for us.