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Structured Cabling

With an increase in enquiries regarding our Structured Cabling Services we have decided to flaunt our services by adding a Structured Cabling page to our Web Site. Please see Structured Cabling for more details.

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Cloud9 Boldly Goes !

Our current project is the installation of a network infrastructure incorporating upto 200 guests Wireless Access, Virtual Reality, Secure Virtual Lans (Vlans), CCTV  and Voice over IP for the new Star Trek Exhibition opening soon on the promenade.   We can truly say that Cloud9 is boldly going where...

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New Building Network Design – Whitepaper

  WhitePaper New Building network Design Paul McCherry 2/11/2014              Contents   Abstract. 5 Introduction. 6 Findings. 7 Building Analysis. 7 Cabling. 8 Cable Termination. 8 Planned Network Topology. 9 Recommendations. 10 Building. 10 Network Topology. 11 Cabling. 12 Main Distribution Facility. 13 Cabinet....

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