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Windows 10

Don’t upgrade to Windows 10 – yet

On July 29th Windows 10 will be formally released and people will begin to upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 to 10.

In fact, many of us received a message last month that, if we responded, preconfigured our computer to download the new Operating System as soon as it becomes available on the 29th.  While that sounds great, we strongly advise you NOT to upgrade straight away.  This is why.

From most accounts and based on our own testing I think most of us will be very happy indeed with Windows 10 – but that has nothing to do with the timing of doing the upgrade.  It is much better to be cautious, for two main reasons:

1.  All Operating Systems (Win7, Win8, Win10) have software that runs on them that does everything for us – from printing, cameras and sound to the hundreds of pieces of software that we use every day.  Not all of these will have been upgraded to Windows 10 on release date and so some won’t work.  This occurs after every new Operating System release.

2.  There are always bugs in the initial release of a new Operating System and patches follow shortly thereafter.

Our advice is to wait until the first patches have been released – probably about a month after the initial release.

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when it’s time to upgrade and we’ll also tell you how to upgrade safely.  Do not just click upgrade as you’ll be playing with fire and risk losing things you need.