Web based solutions for your business

Running Exchange in-house is resource-intensive: Costly investments in infrastructure and the day-to-day management of Exchange can take time and staff away from your strategic business objectives. Hosted Exchange enables you to more efficiently and reliably manage email. All Server applications can be run from a cloud based server.

What are cloud servers and what are the benefits?

Cloud servers offer server resources over the internet. We provide this service from a network of physical servers – known as a cloud. These cloud servers take from a pool of processing power, memory and storage to give customers dedicated resources they can adapt to their needs.

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We can guide you through setting up your business on the web
We can design a 4 page website starting from as little as £200.
Enterprise grade online backup providing 365 day retention and 2048 bit encryption. Secure and reliable with full UK support.
Microsoft office 365 has the applications you know, always up to date and accessible from virtually anywhere
We can tie in your blogs with all the regular social networks and help with Google Adwords advertising, Google Analytics and the Google Search console
We can host your website from as little as £100 per year. Our Web hosting cost includes small changes to your website throughout the year.
Access everything you need from wherever you are from any device with an internet connection. Choose from Citrix or Microsoft s Remote Desktop.
UK hosted Email, contacts and calendars. UK Supported and triple hosted in 3 UK ISO 270001 datacentres. Fully Backed up and secure.