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Chinese hacking group targeting Microsoft Exchange Servers

The campaign has exploited recently discovered flaws in Microsoft Exchange software, stealing email and infecting computer servers with tools that let attackers take control remotely, "Everyone running these servers needs to act now to patch them. We are concerned that there are a large number of victims," White...

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Distributed Systems Characteristics and Trends

Contents Peer-to-Peer and Client-Server Architectures. 2 Security Issues. 3 Naming Systems. 4 External Data Representation. 6 Evolving Middleware Solutions. 8 References. 10 Peer-to-Peer and Client-Server Architectures Coulouris et al. (2012)explain client-server architecture refers to nodes running processes (servers)which accepts requests from other nodes (client) and responds appropriately. Tannenbaum...

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Network Analysis

University of  XXXXXXXXXXX An analysis of the key requirements of the University’s new network, providing Physical and Logical solutions to these requirements Contents Introduction. 3 Key Requirements. 4 Administration Assistants. 4 Curriculum Staff. 4 Students. 4 Wireless Network. 4 Analysis of Requirements. 5 Location of IDF. 5 Router....

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Quantum computing

A quantum computer taps directly into the fundamental fabric of reality – the strange and counter intuitive world of quantum mechanics – to speed computation. The computer returns many very good answers in a short amount of time - 10,000 answers in one second. This gives the user...

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